Q. What are the different courses offered by the University?

Ans. To check the different programmes offered by the University, kindly visit the Programmes Offered section.

Q. What is the admission procedure?

Ans. To take an admission into any program, the students will have to purchase the prospectus, fill up the admission form contained in within, and submit the same at that particular Study Centre, where the student wants to pursue his studies.

Q. Where would be the classes held and what would be the duration of the classes?

Ans. From the University's side a contact program of 200 hours per semester will be provided including the theory and practical sessions. The classes provided by the University will be held at the Study centre, which the student can choose according to his/her convenience. The schedule of the classes may differ in each Study centre, and the student can get it from the chosen Study centre.

Q. Is it necessary to take one or the other Study centre?

Ans. Yes, it is necessary to pursue the studies of all the programmes through any one of the Study centres across the country as all the assignments, theory and practical counseling will be held at those Study centres.

Q. Can I change my Study Centre, if required?

Ans. In case the student wants to change the Study centre, it can be done at the time of submission of Re-registration and Examination Form of the next semester (at the end of a semester) at that particular centre where the student wants to take the admission. So the student will be transferred to another Study Centre, along with the form. The student has to submit an application of transfer in triplicate to new Study center where he/she wants to have the transfer. However, in same city the transfer of centres is not permitted.

Q. What would be the mode of payment of the semester fee?

Ans. The fees will be paid in any form either DD/Cheque/Cash at the Study Centre where the students want to enroll for the course.

Q. Where we get the study material?

Ans. All the study material provided by the University will be given at the designated / chosen Study Centre.

Q. Do I have to submit the original certificates for verification?

Ans. As per the University norms, the original certificates of all the students enrolled in the University should be submitted along with the University application and eligibility form.

Q. Where will be the examinations conducted ?

Ans. The examination centres will be allotted in the nearest city of your Study centre depending on the Number ol the students, which will be intimated to the students before the commencement of the examination.

Q. I have registered for a Distance Education programme and also submitted my course fee.

Ans. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation for your Study Centre along with your study material.

Q. Is the entire course materials available at one time?

Ans. No, only semester-wise course material will be made available in three Volumes.

Q. Do I need to refer the books in addition to course material provided by the University?

Ans. The course material given to you will cover the course topics in sufficient detail. However, we also suggest certain reference books that you can read in order to get an in-depth knowledge on the topics covered.

Q. At what point of the year can I take admission to a programme?

Ans. The admission to all the programmes shall take place twice in a year June and December. Consequently, your semester would spread over 6 months from the month of commencement of the session. Needless to say, end semester exams too would be scheduled two times in a year.

Q. I have appeared in the qualifying examination prescribed by you but my final result is awaited. Can I take admission in a programme?

Ans. Yes, you can get enrolled for a programme subject to the conditions that the result be submitted to the University before the first exam. For example the candidate will have to submit pass result to the University latest by November 2011 in case he enrolls for the summer session 2011. The admission in such case shall be provisional & shall automatically stand cancelled if you fail to clear the aforesaid qualifying examination with the prescribed percentage. You have to produce a certificate to the same effect from the head of Institution last attended.